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P-3050 Jet Power Washer DeepJet™ 2-in-1 High Pressure Washer

P-3050 Jet Power Washer DeepJet™ 2-in-1 High Pressure Washer - Broadwaytrending Shop

P-3050 Jet Power Washer DeepJet™ 2-in-1 High Pressure Washer

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Transform Any Hose Into A Powerful Washer
The P-3050 Gives You EASY & ECONOMICAL Solution for 
Tough Outdoor Cleaning Tasks

Is your garden hose not strong enough to spray away all the dirty bits? Be prepared to get in love with the Power Washer, a plug and use pressure hose that significantly increase the water pressure!

It can significantly increase the spraying distance up to 49 ft / 15 m away, meanwhile increasing the water pressure, making it strong enough to get rid of dirty or sticky bits.

*Fits all ¾” standard hoses, and other sizes with standard 1” female hose connectors


  • Easily wash your car, truck, camper or boat and tackle dirty wheels and rims
  •  Blast weeds and grime from brick and concrete patios, pool decks and driveways
  •  Remove  built up dirt on wood, aluminum, vinyl sidings, concrete, grit stone, etc.
  •  Safely reach second-story windows and remove wasp nests from a distance
  •  Unclog rain gutters & blast pool filters clean


Tackle Your Toughest Home, Outdoor and Auto Cleaning Projects with Ease

Blast Away Dirt & Grime From Any Surface!

With over 35,700+ units sold, customers enjoy using the P3050 Power Washer to make cleaning surfaces easy and convenient. 

Safely clean all dirty surfaces including wood, brick, concrete, sidings, plastic, glass and more! Guaranteed safe on any surface and will not strip wood, car paint or clear coat.

Best Pressure Washer on the Market for the Money

Pressure cleaners are expensive and hard to use. Save money right now with the P-3050. It is designed with rust-proof and corrosion-resistant materials for extreme durability. It comes with industrial brass connectors and high-quality zinc alloy body and handles that will last a lifetime.

Very Versatile...Two Nozzle Tips: Stream & Fan Spray

*The P-3050 is the first patented tool that combines the power of a pressure washer with the convenience of a garden hose!

Jet Nozzle - with Full Force:

Generates between 2000-3050 PSI of water pressure to remove road tar, tree sap and insect splats from cars; grease deposits from concrete, heavy mildew, oil and rust stains, caked on mud, etc.

Fan Nozzle - Large Area Coverage:

Produces a gentle mist to water all your delicate plants. The fan-shaped spray covers a large area so you can water your entire garden in no time.

Here's How The P-3050 Works...

The Secret:

The clever design uses a controlled flow to produce a powerful jet stream right from your garden hose. The secret is the built-in pressure chamber that converts the normal flow of water in your hose into a powerful jet stream.

The P3050 can blast out up to 3050 psi...that's a lot of power! No worries though because there is a control valve that will allow you to adjust the pressure of the water jet. With the P-3050, you'll have the right spray for every job, everyday…from power, cleaning to flower misting!

P-3050 Jet Power Washer
P-3050 Jet Power Washer
P-3050 Jet Power Washer
P-3050 Jet Power Washer
P-3050 Jet Power Washer
P-3050 Jet Power Washer
P-3050 Jet Power Washer




- Perfect for electric cold water pressure washers

- Rust and corrosion resistant construction

- Ideal for garden watering, agricultural irrigating, car washing, household cleaning and so on

- Brass standard garden hose coupler, aluminum washer wand tubing, TPR handle

- It can be used as wash water gun, garden irrigation tools



Material: Aluminium Alloy(body) + Copper(Nozzle head) + TPR(handle) 

100% Brand New and quality 

Color:As Pictures Shown 

Size: Length 46.5cm(Approximately) 


Package include: 1 x Pressure Washer Gun


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