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Pipe Cleaner Dredging Tool

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Pipe Cleaner Dredging Tool

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Clean your sink with Pipe Cleaner Dredging Tool within few seconds!

Pipe Cleaner Dredging Tool, Pipe Cleaner Dredging Tool

  • For Various Drains- This tool will create an airtight seal that will enable you to clean out virtually any shower, bathtub or sink drain, regardless of that drain’s size or shape.
  • Reusable This tool isn’t something that you’ll be able to use just a few times before throwing it away. In fact, one of these may last you for years, even if you need to clean out drains on a weekly or monthly basis. If it ever starts to appear dirty, you can rinse it off with water.

Pipe Cleaner Dredging Tool, Pipe Cleaner Dredging Tool

  • No Odor – As it does its job, this drain-cleaning tool won’t give off any sort of odor, nor will it bring any kind of odor up to meet your nose after it has cleaned out your drain. 

How to use:

Step 1:Fill Water Chamber- Before you use your Clog Cannon, you’ll need to fill up its water chamber. To do so, turn the device so that the wider end is facing upward and fill it to the top without overflowing it.
Step 2:Flip Device- After your device’s water chamber is full, quickly flip the tool and place it directly over your clogged drain.
Step 3:Push Black Surface- Once you’ve flipped your device over on top of a sink, shower or bathtub drain, push down on the round black surface that you’ll see on the top of the device.

Pipe Cleaner Dredging Tool, Pipe Cleaner Dredging Tool


Material: PP + TPR + Silica Gel

Net weight: 140g

Size: Length 18cm/7.09″   Bottom round diameter 10cm/3.94″

Application: Sink Plunger Clean

Package Include:  1 X Pipe Cleaner Dredging Tool

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