Pore Concealer Primer Cream

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Be more beautiful and pure!New Korea Cosmetics Facial Primer Base Makeup for Face Brighten Skin Pore Concealer Primer Cream Rose Essence Before Foundation (primer)
This handy primer milk conceals pores and helps control skin oil. The pores will be less visible and skin oil will take more time to reach the surface.

Pore Concealer Primer Cream, Pore Concealer Primer Cream

Serving as both a highly effective pore concealer while increasing time oil takes to reach the surface, the primer cream can additionally be used as ‘makeup before makeup’.
In that case, the Pore Concealer Cream creates a favorable surface which makes it easier to apply other makeup and keeps it in shape for longer.

Pore Concealer Primer Cream, Pore Concealer Primer Cream

Pore Concealer Primer Cream covers the skin surface smoothly and evenly thanks to its optimal consistency, making it easy to apply with precision and therefore achieving the desired results more quickly.

Pore Concealer Primer Cream, Pore Concealer Primer Cream

Additionally, the Pore Concealer Cream is waterproof, guaranteeing comfort and staying reliable until you decide to take it off, helping you maintain control over your look.

  • This foundation primer formulated for instantly reduces pore size and controls shine for makeup all day long.
  • Specially formulated face primer blurs fines lines & pores for a smooth finish.
  • looks resurfaced and perfectly smooth all day long.
  • It can avoid embarrassment that full of oil, make the face clean and tidy.
  • A good base for face makes up, protecting the makeup stay the color true.

Net content: 35g

Color: pink

Skin type: general

Package included: 1pc x foundation primer