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Portable Rechargeable UV Toilet Sterilizer

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Portable Rechargeable UV Toilet Sterilizer

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Sterilization Effects

Through UV irradiation, the DNA structure of a single celled virus wil be damaged.This will lead to the virus's immediate death or loss of reproductivity. It generally take 10 seconds or more for the effects of sterilization to kickin.It has been proven that ultraviolet light can destroy bacteria, fungi, viruses, and unicellular algae.

Installation Instructions

Tear the back glue to fix the bracket on the toilet cover or garbage can cover, and then install the main engine on the bracket

Charging Instructions

1.After removing the host from the fied bracket, open the slic a gel plug at the charging port, and insert the charging line into the host for charging.

2.The charger'sLED indicator light will turn RED when charging and GREEN when fully charged.the battery can be tully charged in 2-3 hours.


a.Press the power On/Off button 3 seconds on the device and the speaker will”Beep 3 times turn on.


c.Click the power On/Off button and the speaker will“Beep”, then the device will turnoff.

Safety And Protection:

In the working state ff the lid is opened more than 30 degrees, the UV lamp will automatically turnoff. When the lid is less than 30 degrees, the UV lamp will automa ically turn on.


Lie time: 10000hrs

Input: 5V10.5A

Rated Power: 3.0Wmax

Battery Capacity: 1200mAh

Ozone Density: =0.01ppm≤0.05ppm

Work Environment: 0-60℃

Relative Humidity: 10-75%

Dimensions: 125x38x18mm

Weight: 70g

Package Includes:

1*Disinfection lamp

1*Charging cable



1.Do not drop the device.

2.Place device away from water or any type of liquid.

3.Keep device away from children and pets.

4.Use a dry and soft clean cloth to wipe the device.


1.Keep device away from contact with one's eyes and skin.

2.Ensure that device is used only for its intended purpose:cleaning keyboards, tablet PCs, mobilephones, toilet seats, tabletops, door knobs, cutting boards, kitchen utensils and other surfaces etc.Any other usage is Not recommended by the manufacturer and may  cause damage to the user or device.

3.Refrain from operating the device if it:

a.Has malfunctioned

b.Has been damaged

4.Never use detergents, gasoline, furniture polish, or nay other household cleaning product to clean any part of the device.


*Please prevent the UV tube from coll ding or coming into contact with hard objects.Doing so wll cause damage to the UV tube.

*Do not expose your skin and eyes to the UV light.

Portable Rechargeable UV Sterilizer Toilet Disinfection Lamp Effective sterilizing Portable Rechargeable UV Sterilizer Toilet Disinfection Lamp Effective sterilizing Portable Rechargeable UV Sterilizer Toilet Disinfection Lamp Effective sterilizing
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