PowerBlaster - Sand Blasting Kit

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  •  Great for Removing Rust or Paint from Metal, Concrete 
    Designed for performance and ease of use!

    Great for Removing Rust or Paint from Metal, Concrete
    Premium Tungsten Carbide Nozzle Cone, Stainless Steel Nozzle Tip 4.0 and Brass Head for Durability and Excellent Performance


    • ✅ Stainless Steel Lance (Length 45 cm)
    • ✅ Transparent Siphon Hose (Length 3 m)
    • ✅ Max Pressure: 2600 psi
    • ✅ Max Temperature:140° F SAND and WET PRESSURE WASHER set for effectively removing rust, paint and stubborn dirt.

    • ✅ Sandblasting tube, gravel for the emery, fit for Karcher K Series.
    • ✅ Multi-functional, all-around, fast, ready to use.
    • ✅ With Karcher K fittings, cleaning oil and rust.


    • Fit For: Karcher K Series/Universal
    • Color:black+gray+transparent
    • Materials:rubber+steel
    • Tube Length: 275 cm
    • Type:sandblasting tube


    • 1 x Blasting Pressure Gun