PowerMax Smart Plug

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  • Want to cut back on your monthly electricity bills? 

    I bet you do! Most people would say that minimizing energy usage is the key but cutting back on your electricity consumption may not always be a simple task. With the latest technology and inventive ideas, hence, the PowerMax Smart Plug was born!
    This innovative product is an auto energy saving device that you can plug in your socket and leave on to work on its own. Engineered with a capacitor, it regulates electric energy and releases it without fluctuations that lead to energy wastage. Now you can optimize electric energy and use only what your running appliances require!

    ENERGY SAVING – Provides stable voltage, balances the current, prevents voltage instability, reaches electricity stable equilibrium, and achieves power-saving effect, helping you save energy and cut off your monthly bill by 40%.

    EXTENDS SERVICE LIFE - Prevents your devices from overheating, improves the use of electrical appliances power, protects all appliances at home, and extends your appliances’ service life. Suitable for air-conditioning, washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans, television, pumps, audio, fluorescent, and other products.

    ENGINEERED SAFE& RELIABLE - Consists of a regulating capacitor inside, internal leakage protection measures, and an external shell with advanced fire-proof and explosion-proof materials to ensure overall safety.

    EASY PLUG-IN MECHANISM - Simply plug it into an AC power socket. You will see its power saving results after a month of usage.


    1. Plug it into an AC power socket. The LED light indicator will turn green as it starts to work.
    2. Keep it plugged in at all times for effective power saving. See your electricity bill decrease in huge amounts after just one month!
    • Size: 7 x 10 cm / 2.76 x 9.34 inch
    • Net Weight: 135g
    • Voltage: 90-250(V)
    • Power: 2800(W)
    • Frequency: 50-60 (Hz)
    • Available Plug Type: US Plug / UK Plug / EU Plug

    Saving electricity means saving money so get your own Power Max Smart Plug today! Plug in and see your bills drop with no effort!