Sewer Deodorant Sealing Ring

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    The household drain pipe seal is not good, directly affects you and the family health! Use Sewer Deodorant Sealing Ring, Reject the smell and return home with fresh air!"For the children for the family. This is a mosquito-infested summer, pesticides are no longer resistant to invasion, we need to change tactics!

    • Silicone material, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy aging.
    • Keep out odors and pests from entering places like sewers.
    • Water drainage, no water completely closed.
    Eight core capabilities
    360° protection of your home

    Do your sink or drain stink or have bugs crawl out of it?Three easy steps to install the sewer deodorant seal ring

    Detailed size introduction:

    Decorative Cover: 78x32x32mm
    Sealing Ring: 60x37x35mm

    Deodorant Core: 90x40x40mm


    • 1 Set Package Include: Deodorant Core+Sealing Ring +Decorative Cover.
    • Style: deodorant floor drain.
    • Size: 103x44x34 cm.
    • Weight: 50g/ 1 Set.
    • Type: 1/3/6 Set.
    • Color: White.

    Package Includes:

    • 1pc X Decorative Cover
    • 1pc X Deodorant Ring
    • 1pc X Seal Ring