SmoothFinish™ 5-in-1 Portable Handheld Steam Iron

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The Light Convenient Way To Steam & Iron Your Clothes To A Smooth Finis!!

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Neat and well-ironed clothing is a mustWhether you're a professional, businessman, or student; being neat & tidy is the modern standard you don't want to break.

Looking neat is a sign of respect for the people you are meeting and yourselfWearing clothing which is not well kept can say a lot of bad things about you to on lookers and set impressions you don't want

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Often we find ourselves picking up our clothes to find it creased.  We're on a time schedule & bringing out the traditional iron is heavy & time consuming for a single piece of clothing. Instead use ultraportable & lightweight SmoothFinish!

SmoothFinish the ultra portable steam iron can allow you to iron & steam your clothes to perfection in under 1 minute* with complete ease!

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Whether you're preparing your clothes for work, that important interview, a romantic dinner date, or whilst travelling; SmoothFinish Portable Steamer Iron is the quickest & most effective way to fix creased clothes. 

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Honestly, the only steamer iron you'll ever need for a crease free outfit!

Cotton shirts, suits, silk shirts, evening dress, or pants, SmoothFnish has you covered!

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Save time and energy with SmoothFinish Portable Steam Iron to make sure you always look the part, are on time and never burn your clothes. 

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Using the featured soleplateSmoothFinish can quickly iron out even the most creased of fabrics.

Safe for any fabric, you can iron with peace of mind!

Giving off a steady and powerful steam, it can remove wrinkles in clothing immediately & effectively saving you time and energy,whilst keeping you looking great!

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IDEAL FOR VACATIONS  Take it on vacations and business trip-sGoing out of town does not mean you have to look all wrinkly anymore, as if you have slept with your clothes on the night before!   

MULTI FUNCTION - You can use it to clean off dust, to clean off your pillows, and even to clean the fabric of your sofa.

PORTABLE - The Portable Handheld Steam Iron Set is handy and lightweight, you can take it with you during business trips. Look put together and presentable wherever you go.

EASY TO USE - Simply hang your clothes in the hanger, or lay them flat on your ironing board or table. Add water using the provided measuring cup. You can adjust the temperature to your desired level. Press the steamer button, and iron your clothes.


  • Easy to use

  • Safe and portable

  • Quickly iron out wrinkles and creases

  • It is a multi-function device 

    Package Contents: 
    1 x Electric Iron Steam 
    1 x Brush 
    1 x User manual 
    1 x Measuring glass 
    1 x Protective cap

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