Solid Abs Abdominal Roller (Black)

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Our new Solid Abs ab roller is a simple and easy to use tool to shape up those Abs while helping strengthen your arms, shoulders, chest and back! 
Its compact size and lightweight means that it easy to store and use at home but can also be taken with you on your travels. 
With its easy dual glide wheels and ergonomic handles you'll have no problem keeping in shape wherever you are.

Our Solid Abs Ab roller also comes with a free foam knee pad included to protect your knees when using outside or on hard surfaces.

Why do I need an Solid Abs Ab Roller?

Why do I need one of these I hear you ask, well using our Solid Abs Abdominal roller will improve your health and fitness in a variety of ways:

  • It strengthens a lot of muscles - not just your abdominal's (20 muscles in fact, this is a lot more than your standard ab crunch or sit-up!)
  • It increases your overall stamina
  • Helps you shed excess fat
  • Strengthens you core; which can help with back pain and improving poor posture!

What's in the box?


  • 1 x Solid Abs Abdominal Roller
  • 1 x Anti Slip Foam Knee Pad