Super Waterproof Tape Butyl Rubber Aluminium Foil Tape

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  • Super Waterproof Tape Butyl Rubber Premium Aluminium Foil Tape

    The Aluminium Foil Tape is commonly known as foil tape. Professional grade RV and mobile repair. The butyl tape can easily replicate how pros seal their roofing or windows both in looks and functionality. Can be applied on rubber roofing, galvanized metal, frosted  fiberglass, woodtextileplasticaluminum and any other typical RVhomeautomobile and boat surfaces.Does not melt unnecessarily.

    These tapes come with butyl rubber and aluminum filmThese rubber is extruded, ever-tacky and pressure-sensitive sealant with good adhesion strengthThe tape is cold and heat resistant, whether it is under 0℃ or over 70℃, it can work well, isolate hot and coldTherefore, it can play a role in insulation and save more energy, economic costs !

    Product Features:

    • Resistant to chemicals, heat, and different weather conditions.

    • Excellent adherence even in low temperature.

    • Blocks out moisture and odors.
    • Excellent insulation property, isolate hot and cold, save more energy, economic costs !
    • Water and UV resistant.

    How To Use:

    1. Make sure the surface is clean and dry before application.
    2. Peel off the released film and apply the RV roof seal tape.
    3. Repeatedly press the butyl sealant until the tape is fully stuck with the surface.
    4. Tool needed (not included in the package): Cleaning tool, Scissors, Trimming tool, Gloves.


    • Because of the strong stickiness, please wear gloves to prevent the hand from sticking.
    • In winter, it's better to use a hair dryer to heat camper roof repair before installation.
    • Do not peel off it after applying within 24 hours.
    • Do not use it with other waterproof material including benzene, benzene, ethylene, silicone and etc.


    • Size: 5cm x 5m=1.96in x 16.40ft,  5cm x 10m=1.96in x32.80ft, 10cm x 5m=3.94in x 16.40ft.
    Package Includes:
    1 roll x Aluminium Foil Tape.