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The Inbuilt Saddle Suspension

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The Inbuilt Saddle Suspension

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Eliminate Saddle Soreness… FOREVER!

Whether you’re a mountain biker a street rider or you just like to ride around town, one things’s for sure – the spyder – the inbuilt saddle suspension will eliminate those painful, annoying saddle strains that plague all cyclist!

The Inbuilt Saddle Suspension, The Inbuilt Saddle Suspension

  • Health Benefits: Saddle stains are brutally painful annoying and unhealthy! Every rider experiences them while doing his favorite activity and that’s why the Spyder Saddle was created! Our saddle, unlike others, removes OVER 97% of saddle stains providing you with the best riding experience that you will ever have!
  • Extreme Durability: Spyder is made out of the highest quality materials so durability is out of the question!

The Inbuilt Saddle Suspension, The Inbuilt Saddle Suspension

  • Easy To Install: Our Saddle can be installed on any seat post. Just install it as a normal saddle!
  • 40 ventilation holes on the surface promote airflow. 
  • 24 Degree downward incline toward the nose of the saddle.

The Inbuilt Saddle Suspension, The Inbuilt Saddle Suspension

  • The spider web saddle has super cool appearance, ultra light weight, sitting comfort, ventilate and shock absorption, makes cycling more comfortable.
  • Unique design allows greater blood flow to prevent numbness

Shell Material: Plastic/PVC

Packet include: 1 x Spider web saddle

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