The Plush Drying Towel (40" x 16")

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  • Does it take you forever to dry your car? Is it hard to achieve a streak free shine?

    Meet The Plush Drying Towel!  

    The Plush drying towel is the perfect tool to have when drying your car.

    Designed specifically for use on high end luxury cars, The Plush Drying Towel leaves your car with a scratch free, streak free shine.

    Does not scratch your paint work:

    Unlike other towels, this one is made with a super plush premium microfibre weave. Dry your car safely and softly without damaging your paintwork.

    Dry your car in under 90 seconds:
    The soft microfibre strands absorb and hold a ton of water, allowing you to dry your car quickly without having to squeeze water out the towel!

    The super soft edging around the towel further reduces any risk of micro scratches on your paint.


    • Super Soft Edging; reduces the risk of micro scratches
    • 100cm X 40cm (40" x 16"); the perfect size to handle with ease
    • Plush 420 GSM; super soft on your paintwork
    • Polishes, Drys, Buffs And Shines
    • 80% Polyester - 20% Polyamide