Treasure Seeker - Premium Deep Sea Neodymium Salvage Magnet

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  • Accidentally dropped your car or house keys in the sewer?

    Wanna go magnet fishing with the family at the river this weekend? Planning to salvage underwater items with friends?

    You gotta have a good quality magnet for that!

    Well, the good news’ve landed at the right page! This Treasure Seeker - Premium Deep Sea Neodymium Salvage Magnet is the best magnetic item in town.

    This ultra strong magnet works underwater!!!

    Neodymium Magnet + Premium A3 Steel

    • Boasts of a strong pulling force and a powerful magnetic force line that’s concentrated at the base.
    • It’s designed for heavy duty applications and underwater use.

    Multi-Purpose — Ideal for MANY situations!

    • Works for lifting, hanging, and retrieving objects.
    • Recover lost equipment, tools, ancient ferrous objects, and more in deep water, wells, holes, or drains.

    Works for magnet fishing, too.

    Go for a treasure hunt in the sea...

    Or salvage your dropped keys in the sewer!

    Widely Used in craftsmanship and industrial works...

    • Using a standard flat head screw, mount it easily on any surface to hold or connect ironwork and articles.

    Ni+Cu+Ni Corrosion-Resistant Triple Layer Coating

    • The shiny and rust-resistant coating also serves as a protection for the magnet to prevent cracking or chipping.

    Durable and Super Long-Wearing

    • Neodymium retains its strong magnetic properties for decades.

    This Treasure Seeker - Premium Deep Sea Neodymium Salvage Magnet is great for many applications. It’s one of those things that you think you don’t need...but they sure come in handy in so many situations once you do have them. So, get your own multi-purpose underwater magnet NOW!!!


    Material/s: Neodymium, Premium A3 Steel, & Hot Melt Adhesive
    Coating: Ni+Cu+Ni Triple Layer
    Color: Silver
    • 32MM (Pull Force: 32KG)
    • 42MM (Pull Force: 61KG)
    • 60MM (Pull Force: 120KG)