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Umbrella Rig

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Umbrella Rig

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The castable Umbrella Rig also called the chandelier rig or Alabama rig was invented in the year 2011.

Umbrella Rig, Umbrella Rig

It consists of a metalhead and a set of flexible wire arms to which other lures can be attached to simulate a small school of baitfish. A straight retrieve is the best presentation to make the rig “alive” and increase your chances of getting more fishes!

Umbrella Rig, Umbrella Rig

While you need to keep the arms close together when storing an Umbrella Rig in your tackle box, when fishing it, the arms should be spread out. Allow enough distance to keep the lures attached to the arms from getting caught on one another but not so far apart as to be easily caught on rocks or stumps. Put on your favorite soft lure and start fishing!

Umbrella Rig, Umbrella Rig

  • Stimulates a school of bait fishes.
  • A straight and slow retrieve is the best way to present the rig.
  • Attach your favorite soft lure and catch more fishes!
  • When fish hit the lures attached to an umbrella rig, they often strike more aggressively than when you fish only a single lure.
  • You can also expect to have more than one fish strike at a time. Some anglers have hooked 2, 3, or even 4 fish at one time.

Weight: 18g

Color: 5 Colors

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