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  • Slicing frozen meat using an ordinary knife can be frustrating and slow.

    Swiftly get perfect 60 slices of meat per minute!

    We recommend this specially designed FAST CHOPPER to get smooth even-cut meat slices in seconds! Slicing meat couldn’t be any easier and faster than this tool!

    Built-in Sharp Double Blade –Applies the scissor cutting principle with its upper and lower blades

    Easily cut into different thickness and equal-sized portions of meat

    Quick & easy operation –simply place the meat on the board and push down the handle to cut

    Great for cutting frozen nougat, beef, mutton meat, vegetables, fruits and more


    Material: Stainless Alloy Steel

    Size: 32 x 14 x 44 cm

    Weight: 1.85 kg


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    No other slicing machine can solve your frozen meat problems only this FAST CHOPPER can!

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