UV Sterilizer Box Light Travel Disinfection Box for Phone & jewelry

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You will wash your hands, but will never wash your phones. This sterilizer box adopts harmless ultraviolet light disinfection, offering high sterilizing rate up to 99.9%,  effectively kill bacteria on cellphone in 6 minutes and keep you and your children away from germs. 

Besides, it also can disinfect face mask, maintain the protective effect of masks, extend their service life.
Not only for smartphone and face mask, the sterilizer case also works great with toothbrush, underpants, jewelry, makeup brushes, watches, keys, earphones, and other small items.


WORKING PRINCIPLE - Adopting ultraviolet disinfection technology, using a high-intensity UVC ultraviolet light to destroys the DNA of microorganisms to kill growth cells and regenerative cells to achieve the purpose of sterilization.
FAST & EFFECTIVE STERILIZING - This sterilizer box with built-in 2pcs UV light offers high sterilizing rate up to 99.9%,  effectively kill bacteria and other pathogens on smartphone in 6 minutes, keep you and your children away from germs. 
WIDE COMPATIBILITY - The inner size of sterilizer is 170x90x22mm, can hold smartphone up to 6 inches. Besides, it also can disinfect face mask, keys, jewelry, makeup brushes and other small items. Ideal gift for yourself and anyone who cares about hygiene. 
LID OPEN & LIGHT OFF - Once closing the box, the sterilizer box with magnetic closure will become a closed space. If open lid during sterilizing, the UV lamp will immediately go off to prevent light stimulation.
EASY TO CARRY & USE - Very simple to operate, just plug it into the USB port on PC, power bank or USB charger, place your cell phone in and ready for sterilization. Compact size and lightweight, easy to carry to use home, office, or even during travel.
Item Type: UV Sterilizer Box
Input: Micro 5V 1A
Max. Power: 5W
Disinfection Power: 2W x2
Material: Plastic + Electronic Components

Please allow 1-3cm (0.4-1.18") difference due to manual measurement and slight color variation for different display setting.
Thank you for your understanding, nice day!

Package Includes:
1 x UV Sterilizer Box
1 x USB Cable 
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