Water Faucet Protector

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  • Keep Your Faucets Safe From The Cold Winter.

    Faucets burst during the winter when the water inside them freezes and expands. No one wins in such a situation except people who are prepared, and you could be one of those people if you’re careful and protect your faucets from the bitter cold using the Outdoor Water Faucet Protector as it stops your faucets from being damaged, and also keeps you healthy by filtering out harmful bacteria

    Water Faucet Protector, Water Faucet Protector

    The Outdoor Water Faucet Protector is made to fit all your faucets with ease with minimum effort. It stops your faucets from getting cold enough to burst. It’s also extremely easy to set up, which leaves you with absolutely no reason not to get a few of those to cover your faucets during the cold season. You’ll end up saving a lot more money than you’ll spend.

    Water Faucet Protector, Water Faucet Protector

    • Antimicrobial insulation:you won’t have to worry about bacteria seeping into your drinking water.
    • Heat insulation: the protector makes sure that your faucets stay safe during the winter and 
    • Can be used repeatedly: the faucet protector doesn’t wear out and can be used multiple times.
    • Easy to set up: you won’t need any tools to put this protector on your faucets. Just slip it on, and you’re good to go.

    Size: Approx. 18x15x4 cm/ 7.09×5.91×1.57 inch

    Material: Oxford cloth