Wax Warmer Waxing Kit Electric PowerWax (With 200g Wax Beads)

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  • Remove excess or unwanted body and facial hair quickly and effectively from the privacy of your home with this wax warmer waxing kit.


    Looking for an easy way to provide long-lasting hair removal in the comfort and privacy of your own home? Get an easy-to-use, professional-grade, at-home waxing with PowerMax Wax Warmer!

    This is perfect for melting all wax type and provides you with an ideal wax consistency every single time. It features an easy user-interface, adjustable temperature control, and a removable liner bucket making it easy to clean.



    • Simple DIY: Heat and melt the wax for an effective hair removal process, making the skin soft and smooth
    • Fast Meltdown: Equipped with a 360° heating coil, the wax can be melted in only 10 minutes
    • Adjustable Temperature: Turn to high temperature when you wish to melt the wax beads, and turn to a lower temperature to keep the melted wax warm
    • Pleasant Scent: The wax beads contain natural extract and leave a  pleasant fragrance on your skin

    How To Use


    • Clean your skin
    • Put some wax beans into the pot
    • Plugin the wax warmer, turn it on and set up the target temperature by turning the knob
    • Heat up the wax beans for 10 minutes until they are completely melted
    • Unplug the wax warmer and wait for several minutes for the wax to cool down a bit
    • Apply a small amount of the wax to your back of the hand as a skin test to make sure it is not too hot
    • Spread a layer of wax following the hair growth direction with a stick
    • Wait for a few seconds until the wax hardens, and then peel it off rapidly against the hair growth direction

    How To Clean


    • Pour a few drops of olive oil into the pot with the wax residue
    • Reheat the wax residue until it is completely melted
    • Pour out the wax residue and wipe the pot with tissues or wet tissues



    • Power: 100W
    • Capacity: 500ml
    • Voltage: AC 110-240V US Plug
    • Type: Paraffin Heater

    Packaging Includes


    • 1 x PowerWax Wax Warmer
    • 4 x 50g Wax Beads
    • 10 x Wooden Waxing Spatulas