Zerone Pouch - The Minimalist Invisible Wallet

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  • The Zerone Pouches require no pocket or belt to provide you with an easy

     and safe solution for carrying your cards, phone or passport. 

    The easy attached clips make putting on your Zerone Pouch super easy. 

    The clips are smooth and super low profile.


    No belt. No bulky over-sized bag. No straps covered in velcro. 

    No magnets to hold it on. No zipper to fuss with. Pure and simple comfort.



    Carrying your cell phone, cards or passport has never been so easy.

    It's perfect for the inner pocket of your backpack or purse.


    You can also hide them behind your belt or waistband, 

    which will make it invisible and absolutely safe.

    You will never have to sit on a wallet again. Compare the old way

     to the newly reinvented Zerone Pouch way!