ZUZEZ Digital Smart Watch 2019

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  • ZUZEZ Digital Smart Watch 2019 Original Quality SIM TF Card Bluetooth Smartwatch

    Compatible With ANY Device!

    The ZUZEZ iWatch is the most luxurious and elegant SmartWatch ever. You can text, call and track your sleep and heart with it. This SmartWatch is compatible with any Device and it is the only one with a built-in Camera.
    If you answer "YES" to any of the following... This watch is a MUST-HAVE FOR YOU!

    •  Your current watch doesn't live up to it's potential in terms of features... and doesn't look sexy... 😭 (no offences!)
    •  You simply want to upgrade your "Wrist Game!" ⌚(no more embarrassment from your neighbors/friends)
    •  You can't afford or don't want to waste money on expensive watches... 💸(money is important & you work hard for it!)
    •  You care about your body 💪, health & fitness goals to live a long healthy life... (Namaste 🙏)
    •  You'd like to track and monitor your sleep 😴as you know how bad you feel with poor sleeping patterns...
    •  You like to be productive and have the ability to access your favorite apps anytime... 👌(convenience is KING)
    •  You need something Small but Powerful ✨(not heavy & big), and has long-lasting battery to support all your needs...
    •  You'd like to Capture all your best moments with the HD camera... 📸 (good memories need to be savored!)


    • Only Smartwatch with Camera
    • Compatible With ANY Device
    • Waterproof
    • Fast Charging
    • Supports NFC
    • Sensitive Touch Screen
    • Supports SIM Card
    • Supports 32GB SD Card 
    • Supports All Languages
    • Camera 1.3M

        Clock Display, Mail Lists, Pedometer, Sleep Tracker, SMS/Message Reminder, Music Player, Bluetooth, Sport Mode, Headset, Detector, Recording, Camera, Capabilities, Mobile, Function, Calendar, Calculator, Sedentary, Sleep, Instagram, Twitter, FacebookWhatsapp, etc.


        • 1 ZUZEZ Digital Smart Watch 2019
        • 1 Charging Cable
        • 1 User Manual


        If you're serious about tracking your fitness and health goals, being productive in life and being able to access your favorite apps from your new classy wrist... This is a MUST-HAVE!

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